Our food ethos

Local, organic, sustainable, ethical, nutritious.


Hospitality is at the heart of Bowl of Plenty. We create warm and inviting spaces for people to come and enjoy hearty, nutritious and delicious food, always cooked fresh and from scratch. We use the best ingredients available to us - 

  • Local - keeps down travel miles and all associated pollution.

  • Organic - keeps pesticides and harmful chemicals out of the food chain and out of your lunch, is good for the soil and means that we are helping to protect the planet we live on.  

  • Ethical and sustainable - we work with companies who have a similar ethos to ours and believe that this planet needs taking care of.

  • Nutritious - the better the ingredients and the less mucking about we do with them the higher the nutrition value in your food.


We are totally committed to our food ethos, where it’s from, how it is produced, how we cook it and who eats it. So go to work on a happy egg, boost your afternoon sleepy brain with some super foods or treat yourself to cake without saturating your system with chemicals! Our menus change with the seasons but are always delicious and wholesome - bowl foods are soups, stews, pho, pastas, salads & daily mezzes & specials, with counter food varying from tarts, tortilla, toasties, pizzas and cakes, cookies and bar snacks.  

We cater for practically every dietary need and occasion possible - from the simplicity of warm homemade bread and butter to a full three course wedding feast, we can turn our hand to anything