Going plastic (nearly) free and making yoghurt!

Welcome to Plastic Free July 2019!

In all our cafés we do our best to use as little single use plastic as possible - it can be hard but we are getting there. No more straws, only vegware for take-aways, encouraging all our customers to bring their own mugs and bowls and selling lovely KeepCups little by little we are changing our ways. And don’t forget if you bring your own mug or bowl you get 20p off your drink or bowl food!

At home too I have taken up the challenge and while fuzzling over ways to get all the stuff I like without plastic I decided to try making my own yoghurt. I know buying milk in anything other than plastic is tricky so I am researching that now (I hear rumours that Better Food is installing a pump system so you can fill your own bottles in store!), but meanwhile using up what I have in my first attempt to make yoghurt.

Here it is.

500ml milk (any - the creamier the milk the thicker and creamier the yoghurt - no surprise there!)

3 tbls bio live yoghurt (yes, you have to buy some to start the process but there after you use your home made as a starter)

Heat the milk to just under boiling (about 85 degrees c)

Leave it cool to about 45 degrees c or when you can comfortable put your (clean) little finger in it .

Add the yoghurt and whisk vigorously until all blended.

Having rinsed the thermos out with boiling water to sterilise and warm it (and get rid of the coffee aroma from it’s prior occupation) pour the milk yoghurt mix into it and seal. Leave for about 8 hours.

… the next morning…

Hmmm, as you see, the result is a little soupy but it does taste like yoghurt. I shall keep practicing until I get it to the lovely creamy consistency I like. Add some granola and honey and bobs-yer-breakfast!

Do you make your own yoghurt? Send recipes, photos, top tips please!

Liz Haughton