Team Supreme

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At the helm…


Liz Haughton

Liz is number 9 out of 10 siblings.  She grew up in a busy, chaotic and hugely hospitable household alongside and extended family and any number of long and short stay visitors, waifs, strays, relatives and friends.  Meal times were divided into age groups in the week but at weekends Sunday breakfast and supper was a whole family affair and feasting was the order of the day.

Brought up on wholesome, home grown, home made food as much out of necessity as taste the whole family developed a love of good, honest food, and three of those ten now work full time in the food business with Liz running Bowl of Plenty out of three sites plus a flourishing catering operation.

Liz’s career in food was not planned however, she was to be a photographer in her grand life plan.  Like so many students who leave college with no job lined up she ended up waitressing in a Covent Garden restaurant and that was basically it - a life in catering began.  

Skills front of house were fine tuned at The Groucho Club, 192 in Nottinghill (now sadly closed) and then the epically brilliant River Cafe, learning not just management skills but also cooking as the whole team were involved in the production line in those days.

Fast track to Bristol, post birthing of son and heir, Liz worked for her brother Phil’s burgeoning organic food business, Better Food, and brother Barny’s famous restaurant Rocinantes, eventually taking on the Folk House Cafe as her own business in 2006, followed by Spike Island Cafe and then Colston Hall kitchen which all became Bowl of Plenty in 2019.

Being aware of the state of the world Liz finds it impossible not to aim to be as sustainable as possible.  Her food ethics are strong and the company uses organic and local ingredients as much as possible, cooking mostly veggie and lots of vegan dishes.  Meat is when used is carefully sourced and is mostly for big celebrations and feasts.